Tellabs 1000 MSAP solves the challenges of Class 5 switch replacement

By Tod Brinkerhoff
Sep. 05, 2017



As telecommunications service providers transition their networks to an all-IP Ethernet-centric infrastructure, they are struggling with the challenges of the old Class 5 switches. Class 5 switches have reliably delivered POTS, special services and business services for many decades, but now operation of these legacy network elements presents big problems:

  • Lack of Support: New parts are not available because these switches have been discontinued
  • Lack of Expertise: The Class 5 switch manufacturing experts, as well as the service provider technicians, are retiring, and with them goes the knowledge
  • Greater Liability: As systems near the end of their life, component and system failure rates increase
  • Increased Expense Burden: Demand for Class 5 services are declining, yet their monopoly on power, HVAC and real estate stays constant

The Tellabs Broadband team will be at ISE Expo in Orlando Florida on September 12th through 14th (Booth #424) and I will be presenting on the topic of modernizing service provider networks by collapsing Class 5 switches and migrating to fiber-based replacement solutions (Sept 14th, 9:15-10:15am).

I personally invite you to attend my presentation and hear how the Tellabs 1000 Multi-service Access Platform (MSAP) can cost-effectively meet the needs of the Class 5 switch migration requirements. With Tellabs 1000 MSAP, service providers can begin rehoming and removing Class 5 switches today without giving up the services and revenue associated with them. In parallel with softswitch migration, the Tellabs 1000 MSAP helps reduce service providers’ operational expenses, improve service reliability and permanently improve cost structures.

To learn more about Class 5 switch network collapse, replace and converge options, I encourage you to read our solution overview titled Tellabs 1000 Solves the Challenges of Class 5 Switch Replacement and come join me in Orlando at ISE Expo.

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