Today, Optical LAN's "SDN-Lite" functionality is making enterprises more productive – improving LAN automation and flexibility

By John Hoover
Nov. 27, 2017



Steve Zurier of ZFeatures recently wrote an article for TechTarget about how Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology is making inroads into the enterprise LAN. His premise is that while SDN technology has not gone mainstream yet, network professionals are looking at how "SDN-Lite" principles can improve LAN automation and flexibility.

In the article, he said that “The same principles that make software-defined networking attractive in the data center -- among them, programmability, automation and policy enforcement -- also make it appealing for use in local area networks. But cost and management complexities associated with SDN have made it challenging to deploy the entire gamut of software-defined networking technology in the campus. Instead, companies are exploring the use of some of SDN's most intriguing components to take advantage of its most compelling benefits.”

In support of this position, Zurier quoted Gartner analyst Andrew Lerner, who said “While there isn't much ‘pure’ SDN in the LAN, there are many products coming out that boast ‘software-centric’ features like policy- and role-based management, automated configuration and centralized management. By pure SDN, we're talking about a complete separation between the control plane and the forwarding plane. But the reality is that regardless of whether they are ‘true’ SDN or not, many of these features in the LAN are highly desirable and are making organizations more productive.”

Those statements certainly hold true for Tellabs Optical LAN!

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